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Support Services

Our curing systems are built to last. The reliability of our equipment is evidenced in the hundreds of installations worldwide that have been running for decades. Our straightforward equipment designs streamline troubleshooting – which can usually be done over the phone – to get you back up and running quickly. And when your equipment needs maintenance or repair, schedule our mobile service center for onsite support. Online or on the ground, we stand behind you and your concrete curing process.


Technical Support

Our quick response time – by phone or in person – sets us apart from our competition.   Our team of hardworking employees will help you solve your production problems expeditiously – minimizing downtime and protecting profits. In addition to equipment repairs, our mobile service center can be scheduled for preventative maintenance calls.



We extend the reach of our technical support by providing on-site training during startups and service calls. Your plant personnel will gain the hands on experience they need to
maximize the performance of your curing system. If you’ve had turn over in your maintenance personnel, why not schedule our mobile service center to get your new employees back up to speed with your curing equipment? In addition, the simple design of our equipment facilitates training and troubleshooting over the phone.


From turnkey projects to commissioned startups, Johnson Gas offers the experience and expertise to ensure efficient and safe operation. Our start up services include: safety lockout testing, electrical testing; component interface and system functionality; supply gas, electrical and water testing (voltage and pressures); inspection of the entire curing system; documentation and follow up reports and customer training.

You can also contract us for different levels of turnkey support which includes supervising plant personnel and working with local contractors for proper installation of equipment and utilities. If you choose to install your system, we will inspect, fine-tune and calibrate it to maximize performance.  And because worker safety is paramount, we carefully check the safety measures and alarms on your system to guard against any future mishaps with your equipment.


Johnson Gas engineers take great care to understand the needs of our customers. We know that no two kilns are the same so we take into account varying climates, aggregates, energy sources and pressure requirements to deliver a highly engineered curing system that works. We like to say that we don’t sell curing systems – we engineer them. And we provide detailed engineering installation drawings as part of every curing system. Performance is guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Equipment Troubleshooting

You know your curing system isn’t working properly, but you don’t know why.  Performance issues run the gamut: the burner won’t light, start up or you keep getting an alarm. We don’t stop until we pinpoint the problem and have your system running efficiently and reliably. We provide our customers technical support for the life of our equipment over the phone and online. We can also deploy our mobile service center to your site. Plus our equipment manuals – available in several languages – help with trouble shooting and everyday operation.

Curing Consulting

We guarantee the performance of our equipment and back it with ongoing technical support. Simple design and operation make it possible to solve most curing problems over the phone, but we are available to come on site if the situation requires it. We have helped our customers solve some difficult quality problems by working with them to make sure the curing is done properly.

Energy & Control Audits

Our energy and control audits assess all aspects of your operation, including what your loads will be, what type of energy is needed, how you want to control the energy going into the kiln, how heat and temperature will be circulated and what hold times should be.  This meticulous process helps us properly size our equipment to be sure your product achieves optimal curing. Even under the most extreme curing conditions, all products must have the same experience, no matter where it is located in the kiln, ensuring consistent, repeatable quality.

Certification Document Filing

Johnson Gas builds all of our systems to comply with the codes in your local market or province and we stand behind them with a guarantee that they’ll pass inspection. In fact, since installing our first curing system more than 50 years ago, we have never had a machine that didn’t pass certification. Our quotes include certification parameters when requested or we can be on site during inspection to answer questions and address concerns. At the end of the day, we help put a smile on your inspector’s face.







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