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This unique curing system is comprised of a wide variety of solutions that can be customized for any concrete product. We start with our proven, direct fired burner and add the components that best fit your product and curing requirements.



For example, CureKit for block production is designed with our A-series burner, an A-series vaporizer, an AutoFog control system, an AutoFlowX circulation system and an AutoMist misting system. It can also be equipped with an exhaust system to eliminate moisture from the kiln before it is opened, to prevent it from being released into your plant.

Our CureKit system can also be equipped with an AutoFog kiln control panel. During summer months or in a desert climate when a reduced amount of energy is needed for curing, you still need the right amount of moisture during the precast step to avoid spider cracks which can occur when the pipe gets too dry. The AutoFog kiln control panel allows you to easily adjust time and temperature parameters to ensure the highest product strength possible.







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