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Johnson Gas offers a full range of quality, energy saving equipment for the concrete industry. From the efficient CurePak direct fired curing system to the CureKit series of customized components, you can count on our engineers to help you find the best solution for your product.



Our customers challenged us more than five decades ago to design a curing alternative to inefficient, high-maintenance boilers. Extensive testing and research resulted in our revolutionary CurePak direct-fired curing system.
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If you operate in markets where emission levels are strictly regulated and the risk of fines for non-compliance is part of your everyday concerns, CureClean Low NOx CurePak puts your mind at ease.

NOx is produced when the burner flame reaches a temperature that breaks apart oxygen molecules, allowing them to bond with nitrogen to produce air pollutants or brown smog. CureClean’s burner design prevents this reaction by utilizing multiple “cool” flames instead of one large “hot” flame. CureClean offers the same operating advantages you’ll find with CurePak – reducing operating costs while protecting your plant from costly fines.



This unique curing system is comprised of a wide variety of solutions that can be customized for any concrete product. We start with our proven, direct fired burner and add the components that best fit your product and curing requirements.
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Our fully customizable control panel can be used in all industries in conjunction with CurePak or as a component of our CureKit system. With the touch of a button, AutoFog automatically ramps up the temperature in the kiln to the proper preset level and holds it there for an adjustable period of time. Then it automatically ramps up the temperature in the kiln to the proper curing level and holds it there for a period of time that can be adjusted.

AutoFog’s ease of operation eliminates the risk of operator error and reduces product loss. Time and temperature set points are preprogrammed to prevent errors in curing parameters from batch to batch. In addition to temperature, it easily controls the misting and fogging steps when needed to ensure your product doesn’t dry out or case harden. Available in manual or computerized designs, our computerized model features historical tracking, allowing you to monitor the parameters used in each kiln during each production cycle. Also, a recipe capability allows you to easily change time and temperature parameters between product changes. This allows you to use the optimum curing parameters for every batch for optimal product quality. AutoFog is robust and built to withstand the harsh conditions inside the plant. All components are NEMA 4 rated and housed in a steel box that is sealed to protect controls from being damaged by dust or moisture. Many of our AutoFog panels have been in operation for over 30 years.



The key to performance in any curing system is proper circulation. Our unique AutoFlowX Circulation System employs a unique methodology which defies the techniques used in other curing systems.

When air is blown into a kiln, hot air will rise and cold air will sink, causing a differentiation of temperature from top to bottom. Traditional circulation systems take hot air from the top of the kiln and push it to the bottom in an effort to achieve even heating throughout the kiln. The problem with this technique is that hot air rises in the absence of convection, so the risk of uneven heat distribution still exists. And because hot air also has a higher level of moisture than cold air, product doesn’t have the same experience in the kiln. Both of these issues can greatly reduce product quality, strength and importantly, product consistency. The AutoFlowX Circulation System utilizes the laws of thermodynamics by circulating the hot air in the kiln from bottom to top, side to side and front to back. This revolutionary method of circulation ensures that all products in the kiln are exposed to the same environment, regardless of where they are located. This method of circulation has been proven for more than 50 years of curing concrete products. Consistent product quality is achieved and maximum profits are realized.



When your customer requires product that is classified as dry block, our AutoDry System is the solution you need. The depth of dryness is determined by the amount of time the block is cured. As a component of our overall curing system, this versatile dryer will achieve optimal surface dryness without re-handling the block to move it into a separate drying system.

Alternatively, AutoDry can be used as a standalone system. It is ideal for producing block that is going to be treated with an epoxy coating, ensuring a perfectly dry surface for optimal bonding properties.



Our AutoMist System ensures that your product stays moist before curing. We offer multiple types of misters, based on how much automation and ease of maintenance your process requires.

Our system features unique optional misting heads that can be automatically cleaned if they become clogged. When traditional misting heads malfunction, maintenance personnel must go inside the kiln and risk exposure to extreme temperature and humidity conditions. With our auto-cleaning heads, they can unclog the mister from outside the kiln by pushing a solenoid that activates a pin to plunge out the clog. Worker safety is ensured and moving product onto the curing stage is streamlined. Manual and semi-automatic systems are also available.







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