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About Johnson Concrete Curing Systems

For more than 115 years, Johnson Gas has been a leader in providing gas technologies.  Founded in 1901, the headquarters of our family-owned company is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.



In 1961, Johnson Gas was asked by concrete producers to design a curing system to replace inefficient, high-maintenance boilers. The result of months of research and testing was our revolutionary direct-fired curing system.

In 1980, after completing an extensive engineering program that examined all potential configurations, Johnson Gas introduced the CurePak. This break-through system significantly advanced the process of concrete curing by instantly producing large volumes of controllable, low-cost “steam”.

In addition to the CurePak, Johnson Gas offers a full range of quality, energy saving equipment for the concrete producer including: CureClean Low NOx, CureKit systems, AutoFog control panels, AutoFlowX circulation systems, AutoDry drying systems and AutoMist misting systems.

Today, Johnson Concrete Curing Systems daily cure over 100,000 tons of concrete blocks, pipes and a variety of concrete products in plants around the globe.

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